Services and Schedules

During the year services occur on various Saturday Mornings and several holidays through the year. Morning services begin at 9:30 AM. All people can take equal leadership in our services, and we follow the practices of Conservative Judaism. Our services are both traditional and flexible in nature; we read the Torah on a three-year cycle.

Yom Kippur is the only time of the year when we hold non-morning services. On Yom Kippur, we meet 3 times: once in the early evening, shortly before Yom Kippur begins, for Kol Nidrei; (2) Yom Kippur morning; and (3) in the afternoon for Ne’ilah, as we conclude Yom Kippur.

Unless indicated otherwise, our services are facilitated by our student rabbi. We list here our projected service schedule for the next ~2 months.

Upcoming Shabbat and Holiday Schedule

SHABBAT (with seder for Tu Bishvat) – February 7

with Rabbi Jonah Rank

SHABBAT (pre-Purim) – February 28

with Rabbi Jonah Rank

YOM TOV (Pesah/Passover) – April 10, 11

with Rabbi Jonah Rank; services on April 11 to include Yizkor (“Memorial”) prayers

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