Past Clergy

Rabbi Samuel Bloom z”l – Rabbi Bloom arrived in Amsterdam, with his wife Eleanor, in 1949. He served as rabbi of the community for 39 years. During his time in Amsterdam he was heard over WCSS radio regularly for 30 years, served as President of the Greater Amsterdam Clergy Association, and served as President of Amsterdam’s United Way Campaign. Eleanor served as Executive Director of United Synagogue of America for the Empire Region, and served on the Board of the National Jewish Youth Directors of America. He was the rabbi when the synagogue moved into its new building in 1976. Sadly, Rabbi Bloom passed away in 1988. The Amsterdam Recorder described Rabbi Bloom as a “wise teacher, a good man,” who “helped break the chains of hypocrisy and prejudice in Amsterdam,” and left a “living legacy that through understanding and cooperation all things are possible.” He was survived by his daughter Nadine who is still a valued and active member of the synagogue.

Congregation Sons of Israel has had a Student Rabbi beginning September 1989.

Former Rabbinical Student Rabbis:

Rabbi Daniel Chorny (2013-2014)

Rabbi Jonah Rank (2012-2013, 2014-2015)

Rabbi Ariel Russo (2011-2012)

Rabbi Jeremy Fine (2010-2011)

Rabbi Ben Herman (2009-2010)

Rabbi Seth Haaz (2008-2009)

Rabbi Geoffrey Claussen (2005-2008)

Rabbi Jeni Friedman (2004-2005)

Rabbi Ari Vernon

Rabbi Morris Zimbalist

Rabbi Sean Gorman

Rabbi Alfredo Borodowski

Rabbi Jonathan Lubliner

Rabbi Geoffrey Spector

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